About Us

Lotus Valley International School is fiercely committed to pursue excellence in every imaginable field. For us every student is a leader of tomorrow and we leave no stones unturned to ensure that every Lotusian is given an opportunity to excel.

The four segments of the shield represent different aspects of learning:

The school emblem draws inspiration from the five classical elements - earth, water, fire, air and sky. We endeavour to instill in our students the attributes of the five great elements. With lotus of transcendence flanked by two swans at the top, the crest highlights the subtlety of sky and swan’s unique ability to separate milk from water just like the discovering mind we inculcate in our learners.

The colour blue reminds us of the flowing nature of water and motivates learners to keep on advancing towards their goals. The colour yellow brings alive the spirit of fire along with its strong will and energy while the golden colour represents nurturing and stable quality of earth. The flags with the initials of the school are the omnipresent ambassadors of direction like the ever-present air.