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‘Personal growth is not about learning new information but of unlearning old limits.’ - Alan Cohen

Human Revolution is a process that helps one to manifest the inherent potential and achieve the highest life state through working on oneself. Lotus valley International is an institution for life which focuses not only on the holistic growth and development of its students, but its teachers as well. In its endeavor for the same, a series of in-house workshops were conducted for the teachers of Pre-Primary and Primary Grades for their emotional wellness, self-growth, preparedness and undeniably for fun and rejuvenation.

Our in-house facilitator, Ms. Anu Bhasin, a certified Trainer and Theta healer took us through a soulful process of connecting with our inner self in a workshop on guided meditation and alignment of chakras. The subconscious mind went on a journey of self-exploration, revitalizing the senses and making all aware of their existence.

The school’s SEN Department also steered a session for their colleagues with the objective of helping mentors to handle issues that might arise due to the social impediment faced by learners as a result of covid or the anxieties faced by all post the end of the pandemic period. An engaging session touching upon the elements of emotional exhaustion, resilience, perceived stress, loss of a loved one in family and focus issues through live case studies and role-play. Keeping in mind that the teachers are the emotional supporters for the learners in school, sensitivity of issues were stressed upon.

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’ Well guess what, it makes Jack’s teachers dull too! Amidst all the learning and humdrums of planning for the upcoming academic year, our teachers made time to grove and unwind through a Dance Workshop. While the session started with Ms. Tulika-our school Dance Mentor, making all sway to her tunes and coordinate steps, the dance floor came to life with teachers’ jamming to the ‘Jugal-bandi’ of old and new songs, shedding all inhibitions and dancing to their heart’s content.

Adding to this merriment, ‘Sporty’, a sports-time was organized by the LVIS sports team that made everyone get set ready to gear up for some healthy competition and fun on the run. The session included activities like tug of war, pass the ball, hoola-hoop fun and many more which not only took all back to their childhood, but also proved that when the teachers pull up their socks, it’s a win-win all around.

These workshops were the best possible platform for bonding and interaction in the most constructive yet pleasurable way.

When the leader leads by example, the followers are enthralled to follow to the hilt. Our Director-Principal, Ms. Anita Malhotra is an inspiration and a powerhouse of energy. She not only motivates the teachers to grow holistically, but also empowers each one to carve their niche with self- confidence and perseverance.