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Career Counselling

The school follows a comprehensive ‘ Career Information Programme’ that entails Career Fairs and Exhibitions, Group Counselling sessions for parents and learners to create awareness about diverse academic and career options.

To make an effective choice, an understanding of the individual is required. One needs to understand his/her personality, interests and aptitude before making a career choice. Our school has tied up with Cogito Hub to aide and assist students to make informed career choices. Cogito Hub is a Career Decisions Platform that empowers students and young professionals to succeed by making the right decisions about subjects, college courses and careers. They give personalized recommendations on everyone’s strengths through an online assessment of behaviour, aptitude, motivations and interests.

Profile building, Statement of Purpose and Personal Essays require investment of quality time by the learners. The process of Profile building should ideally commence from grade IX. Students should take part in the diverse range of activities offered by the school besides participating in Olympiads, Inter-school, National and International level events to enhance their profile.

School facilitates the admission process by issuing ‘Letter of Recommendation’ and ‘Transcripts’ required for completion of admission process for higher education. Request for obtaining these documents should be forwarded to the School Counsellor two months prior to the desired date of receipt of documents. Last minute requests will not be entertained.

The school is the registered centre of-

  • UCAS(The Universities and College Admission Services in the UK)

  • College Board, USA with level II code(CEEB # 671441)

  • The Coalition for College, USA

  • The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada. (Please contact School Counsellor for uploading and approval of applications.) School Profile URL: https://lotusvalleygurgaon.com/school-profile.php