Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon, has a House System to promote a spirit of community, friendship, teamwork and healthy competition amongst the learners.

House System develops a sense of pride in the school, fosters school culture and accentuates learners’ acumen in an array of sports and cultural activities. The Four Houses in the school are

Gandhi House Nehru House Tagore House Teresa House
Tagore House || Lotus Valley Internation School, Gurgaon

Each House is supervised by a House Warden and a team of dedicated House Teachers. The House is ably led by a House Captain and House Vice- Captain.

Throughout the year, various co-curricular and extra-curricular Inter-House contests are organized in which learners of all Houses participate. These include English and Vernacular Elocution, Quiz Contests, Rangoli making, PPT making, to name a few. These activities hone the learners’ skills, sharpen their intellect, nurture hobbies, relax their mind and thereby promote the holistic growth of the learners.

Based on year round performance in diverse activities of the academic year, the best performing House is declared the ‘Champion’.