Health, Hygiene & Safety

The safety of children is one of the most important responsibilities of the Centre. All possible precautions are taken to make sure the areas used by the children are physically safe and are kept clean. Parents are asked to be equally committed to maintaining high standards of health and to observe the following Centre procedures:

    Health, Hygiene & Safety Procedure
  • Children are not to be left unattended in either the inside or outside areas.

  • Equipment is checked and maintained on a regular basis.

  • The Centre reserves the right to require children who are unwell to be withdrawn from the Centre for the duration of their illness. Parents are asked to notify the Centre if their child has any contagious disease, and to be aware of the speed with which illnesses such as conjunctivitis and URTI may spread.

  • Staff is required to follow strict hygiene practices (see Hygiene Procedures).

  • Parents will be informed of any current ‘outbreaks’ within the Centre, and will be given relevant details so they can watch for symptoms in their own child.

  • The Directors request that the Centre be kept informed by parents of any contagious illnesses occurring in their family.

  • The Centre and its surrounds are non-smoking areas.

Developing a policy on sick child

Children are to be checked upon arrival each day for any visible indications of illness. If a child appears ill while at the Center, parents will be contacted and asked to pick up the child immediately.

Procedures for Children:

When a child is ill, every effort will be made by staff to notify the parent, guardian or emergency contact people listed on the child’s enrolment form.

If deemed necessary by a senior staff member, parent/s will be required to collect (or arrange collection of) their child from the Centre

The child will be kept as comfortable as possible, and staff will take appropriate first aid measures, including fluids, prescribed medication, reassurance and cuddles, and monitoring the child’s condition. Staff will follow appropriate hygiene practices.

Depending on the circumstances, the child may be isolated from the other children (in the office area) until the parent or contact person arrives. Staff will organize follow-up contact.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first-aid kits, kept within easy reach is a necessity in Day Care Center. Having supplies gathered ahead of time will help us handle an emergency at a moment's notice.

Toilet Training

With cooperation from the parents, our program will help toilet train children. When the parents and staff agree that the child is ready for toilet training, they will discuss training methods that should be consistent between both at home and during child care times.


Requested to inform to Day care In charge and Give written instruction about allergy if your child is having any.

  • Notify the Day Care In charge of any special dietary restrictions. The Center must receive the written statement of a physician or a licensed dietician for special therapeutic diets.

Outdoor Area

All children love to get outside and play and to make their experience of the outdoors as enjoyable and safe as possible we have invested heavily in our outdoor play area. Children of all ages have access to a wide variety of resources including:

We also have an array of physical equipment which can be used safely by the children on the new wet pour rubber safety surface area.